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Storytelling Market Launch 2.0

"Trust me, for over 40 years, business storytelling has been the foundation for branding and increased revenue for my businesses."

Sam Ellis

You're having some business success and are ready to tell your story, but you still need some help nailing down your message and story, and I've got precisely what you need!



The Storytelling Market Launch

online course will provide an introduction to business storytelling, from the fundamentals of narrative structure to the importance of character development.


Practical Strategies

This course offers practical strategies for creating powerful and engaging stories, including tips on how to craft an effective story arc and how to use dialogue to create tension and suspense.

Increase Revenue

This course will help you learn how to use storytelling to create content that will engage and captivate your audience, allowing you to build a loyal following and increase your revenue.

Brand Awareness

This course is designed to give you the tools and skills you need to become a master storyteller, stand out from the crowd, and brand your business.


Perfect for entrepreneurs, business consultants, speakers, and content creators who want to take their ideas to the next level. 

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Go ahead and tell your business story with confidence!

Sam & Portia