Episode 1: What is Podcasting

In his Podcasts, Sam Ellis introduces the concept of the knowledge commerce industry and how it allows individuals to monetize their personal knowledge. He offer a service for sharing opportunities within the industry and enhancing brands by providing clarity, consistency, relevance, and engagement. The idea is to make brands more appealing to the target audience, allowing business owners to focus on core tasks.

Sam Ellis also shares his interest in podcasting as an effective form of marketing. We believe podcasting allow people to share their stories, ideas, and opinions and offers. He notes that he's podcasts are accessible on various devices and platforms, making them available to a broad audience. Lastly, Sam is committed to promoting products he personally use and benefit from. He mention Lifewave https://lifewave.com/samellis/store/products, a product he claim has improved his health, and LegalShield Legal Shield, another product he endorse. Sam's promotion of these products shows he's dedication to sharing valuable resources with he's audience. Join Sam's Community Now: https://samellislive.mykajabi.com/offers/NupWmJMj